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Focused on Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) Rebuilding America Better

Focused on Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) Rebuilding America Better


White House Opportunity Zones Press Conference


Meet the Team

Landmatters Chief operating officer Tedditashe Payton


Tedditashae (Teddi) Payton is the COO of LandMatters Development Company (LMDC).  COO Payton has over 15 years of  extensive experience and knowledge in real estate finance, analytics, financial modeling, data analysis, sales, investing, equity repositioning, real estate investing, financial analysis, and community educational engagement. In 2012 Teddi earned a Master of  Real Estate with a concentration of Finance and Development at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  She received her undergraduate degree from Florida A&M University, in Tallahassee, Florida.  In her capacity as Community Educational Liaison, Teddi  prepared and conducted monthly financial education workshops where prospective buyers had the opportunity to not just learn the ins and outs of homebuying and home ownership, but they had the opportunity to interface directly with lenders, human service organizations, and local government officials during an innovative referral process developed to connect them with real estate players, as well as her sheer willingness to do more for, and be more to, her clients. Teddi has been team lead on several multifamily development projects in Largo, MD and Ft. Washington, MD. While on these projects Teddi ensured that the delivery of the units were done on time and within budget. In 2009 Teddi’s real estate skills turned more towards commercial acquisition and investments.  In this role, Teddi’s ability to connect, and stay connected, with people catapulted Teddi to the top of the real estate game.  Teddi utilized an existing global network of strategic partners, private investors, financial institutions and affiliated international firms to provide clients with various real estate investment opportunities.  She assisted in designing and implementing customized financial investment platforms to meet client needs.  Further, Teddi facilitated buy/sell acquisitions of bulk REP/CMO tapes and/or notes.  In addition to being a real estate professional Teddi enjoys imparting knowledge as a Civil Engineering and Architecture teacher to high school students in Prince George’s County, MD.  She is focused on cultivating the whole person through planting seeds of knowledge so that students will flourish in any academic or career setting, and make a difference in their communities.


Secured Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs)

Jimmy Whitehead  was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1978. Between 1979 and 1984 Mr. Whitehead served in numerous Executive Federal Government positions, with primary focus on domestic and international business development., Mr. Whitehead managed a variety of legislative and administrative activities for United States Congressman Jack Kemp, Senator Phil Gramm and Senator John W. Warner. Mr. Whitehead served in various White House Schedule C and SES appointments for President Ronald Reagan, President George H. W. Bush, and as Director of the Republican National Committee’s Small Business Council reporting to Chairman Lee Atwater. As the former Deputy Director of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Minority Economic Impact, Mr. Whitehead directed and managed Secretary Admiral James Watkins $250 million-dollar Minority Banking Program to support the White House Rebuild LA effort after the 1992 riots. These funds were provided from the U.S DOE Petroleum Violation Escrow Account, and were not tax payers’ dollars. Most recently Mr. Whitehead provided Post-Sandy Hurricane Minority Outreach support in Atlantic City, NJ through the efforts of the Community Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA), and ran for Mayor of Atlantic City focused on creating 5000 new RX5 Cybersecurity Jobs.

After receiving a September 2017 call from US HUD to help with Irma-Maria hurricane emergency disaster recovery, Mr. Whitehead Co-Founded US-HART as a Private Sector Initiative P3 platform, to allow private investment to expedite resilient affordable “smart” community recovery, provide local diversity workforce training, as well as RX5 Safe Waste Solutions (SWS).

LM Local Workforce Training Director Captain Stephan Jackson, USMC (Disabled)


Stephan L Jackson is a former United States Marine Corps Captain. He is a Disabled Veteran from the Gulf War Era and served tours overseas in the far east and in Iraq. He received the Navy Commendation Medal for his outstanding leadership, service and commitment to duty during the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines, June 15 - 25, 1991. He was responsible for the logistical movement of over $150 Million in Naval Flight equipment, 2 VMFA squadrons and support personnel to various safe ship board locations out of harm's way.  He obtained a government consulting contract with MCLB Albany to provide a Leadership Training Program for upper level staff and NCO’s to which he drafted multiple training modules, approved and provided for instruction to over 150 marines, sailors and civilian personnel. As the Director of Governmental Affairs and Small Business development with the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce, he created the ‘Green Coalition’, which was a small business mentoring program designed to provide an opportunity for ‘business longevity and continuity’ for fledgling small businesses. Additionally, he worked with the former Lt. Governor of Georgia, Mark Taylor to organize the plan to address the Water Re-Allocation Strategy for the Flint River Basin in Southwest Georgia.  He is the author of the book, “The FAQ: The Principles for Overcoming Adversity and Dealing Effectively with Life’s Issues”. The book was approved by the Atlantic County Department of Corrections and was used to help inmates prepare for release from incarceration at the Atlantic County Correctional Facility. 


As an Atlantic City resident, he has served in numerous leadership positions throughout the area.  He served as campaign manager for Atlantic City Mayoral Candidate James 'Jimmy ‘Whitehead. Stephan ran for public office at the city and county levels. He obtained his ordination via the Full Gospel Christian Fellowship and was licensed in the State of New Jersey. He is a community leader and speaker for many groups in the area.  While serving in an appointed Office as the Chief of Staff for the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office, he was responsible for the development and implementation of the R.E.A.L Help Program designed to help homeowners from losing their homes to foreclosure. He also served on the planning board for the Atlantic County Homelessness Prevention 10-year Plan Committee and worked with the Pascale Sykes Foundation to create solutions to address the problem of “The Breakdown in our Families”.  While in service as Confidential Aide to the former Mayor of Atlantic City, Scott Evans, He began the drafting of the ‘Beach and Boardwalk Outdoor Fitness Course’. Plans were submitted to city council for review.  


Stephan has offered his insights as a mentor/speaker at Atlantic City’s Viking Academy and numerous neighborhood groups. Stephan started the Atlantic City Boy Scout Troop #333, and assisted in the coordination of a 2 day trip to our Nation's Capital, Washington DC, where they toured the White House, Congressional Chambers, multiple historical sights and an information luncheon with prominent Washington benefactors. 



"Smart" Infrastructure Project Management

the women of Washington, dc 11th street bridgE

DAYVIE PASCHALL, LMDC DIRECTOR INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS MANAGEMENT  Is an experienced construction management professional with a background in contract compliance, strategic partnerships, and community outreach & development. Over the past four years, Ms. Paschall’s primary focus has been in the areas of civil engagements and project controls monitoring for local diversity programs by understanding the needs and expectations of local stakeholders thru program integration and collaborative project delivery efforts. She is also proficient in document controls; quality assurance and quality control; field supervision with emphasis on environmental design strategies; economic development; integrated project delivery; project close-out; as well as operations and maintenance requirements. Ms. Paschall has extraordinary urban planning experience, and her ability to actively participate in group initiatives makes her a vital team member. Recently, Dayvie served as regional Diversity Coordinator for Skanska USA Building, based in Rockville, MD. In this capacity, she was responsible for the compliance and oversight of 12 local projects stretching from Baltimore, MD to Tysons, VA. Dayvie interfaced with the project teams, executives, and general public to identify minority participation opportunities by way of supplier diversity, subcontracting, employment, and strategic partnerships for community development and capacity building. Over the past three years, this effort focused on creating public -private partnerships that promote small business, workforce, and youth development. 

Prior Project Experience 


Ms. Paschall is responsible for conducting outreach for small business and workforce development; monitoring and reporting in accordance with local and federal employment and subcontracting regulation for the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Department of Employment Services Apprenticeship Council, and District Department of Transportation On-The-Job-Training Program; maintain project records; identifying strategies for improving compliance processes; facilitating community partnerships through the establishment of the Skanska Community Advisory Team; organizing, planning, promoting, moderating supportive service workshops and seminars that include administrative and technical assistance for small businesses. During her work she has conducted presentations to community groups about project milestones and mentored students and young professionals. She has been instrumental in creating scope of work descriptions, hosting pre-construction meetings for upcoming opportunities, assisting with proposal development for project pursuits, designing workgroup configurations and office layouts for team collaboration. Ms. Paschall supported the Project Management Team (PMT) for the DC Department of Transportation’s Office of Civil Rights’ Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) compliance program. As an integral member of the team, she assisted with management in client engagements, development of client presentations, and compiles weekly reports that provide the client with an overview of project activities. 

GSA Tenant Renovation Project / Gold Wilson High School Renovation Project Sigal Construction, Arlington, VA Quality Assurance Punch List Manager Sigal Construction recruited Ms. Paschall as Quality Assurance Punch List Manager to develop, implement, and supervise their punch list program for a $10 million, seven month fast-track renovation project. During that time, she conducted material tracking for this building’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Silver rated submittals, and supporting documentation. She also established a paperless Operations and Maintenance manual database for the owner’s building management team. Her daily responsibilities included inspecting and verifying the installation of the specified building products and maintaining daily reports and work schedules to coordination construction activities. Ultimately, Ms. Paschall managed the subcontractor’s compliance with the owner / GSA requirements for installation and punch list repairs. During preparation for the 2011-2012 school years, Ms. Paschall was transferred to the 350,000 square foot, $96 Million LEED Gold Wilson High School Renovation Project to manage Sigal Construction’s final inspections before turning over the building. Responsibilities included monitoring subcontractor compliance with the repairs of deficient items and coordinating delivery of materials plus installation of finishes. Reference: Derick Dougans, Superintendent, Sabbree Incorporated, 9687 Gerwig Lanes, Sterling, VA

Ms. Paschall has a Master of Architecture, Florida A&M University and 15 years project experience:

  • 11th Street Bridge Park Design Oversight Committee Member
  • USGBC Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, 
  • Accredited Professional for Building Design + Construction 
  • Flagger & OSHA 30 
  • Associate American Institute of Architects Member 
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Design Executive Education 2016 Integrated Project Management 
  • American Contract Compliance Association 2016 National Training Institute 
  • DMPED Workforce Investment Council Board Member 
  • DMGEO Working Group on Jobs, Wages & Benefits General Public Appointee 
  • The Council for Workforce Development Executive Board Member, Secretary 

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Opportunity Zones Black Capitalism Fund Investment Alliances

LandMatters opportunity zONES & integrity investment group form LANDMATTERS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY JV

LMOZ is please to announce our strategic OZBC Fund investment alliance partnership with Integrity Investment Group CEO Ben Teasdel III, to form new LandMatters Development Company, LLC Joint-Venture (LMDC-JV).  LMDC CEO Marty Lewis stated, "IIG CEO Ben Teasdel, III is an extraordinary American entrepreneur.  We are looking forward to developing "smart city" impactful mixed-use affordable and market rate residential housing, retail, and commercial real estate.  Our unique LandMatters Development Company Joint-Venture will also have a particular focus on designing and building state-of-the-art RX5 Cybersecurity Data Warehouse Centers".


LMDC Chairman Ben Teasdel III became a licensed real estate agent in 2005 and quickly transitioned from residential sales into residential real estate investing. In the following years, Ben founded Integrity Investments Group, LLC and acquired, rehabilitated, and sold homes in the Washington, DC and Tampa, FL metro areas.

In concurrence, Ben has enjoyed a successful engineering career working as the Lead Cosmic Origins Spectrograph Engineer for NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Program. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from South Carolina State University and a Master’s of Science in Project Management from Johns Hopkins University.

Ben’s drive for understanding his surroundings and helping others has enabled him to couple his ability for analyzing numbers and his business acumen to propel a successful career in real estate.

Ben’s expertise in analysis and operations management has lead him to successfully identify quality projects and guide them to profitability for his companies and investors.

Integrity Investment Group CEO Ben Teasdel, III managing the NASA Hubble Space Telescope Program
Integrity Investment Group CEO Ben Teasdel, III managing the NASA Hubble Space Telescope Program

Smart Community Revitalization

Resilient community affordable housing


Using local workforce to revitalize communities with resiliency

admiral hyman Rickover cybersecurity TIoT (RX5) DATA CENTER WAREHOUSE DEVELOPMENT


Providing urgent Admiral Hyman Rickover Cybersecurity TIoT (RX5) Warriors Workforce Training, strategic Cybersecurity Public Private Partnerships (P3s) professional management consulting services to support critical prevention and mitigation analytics, vulnerability assessments, and support rewarding RX5 career jobs opportunities 

Multi-family residence


Location, location, location

Opportunity Zones focused multi-use residential, commercial, and retail real estate development, as well as affordable workforce housing

Resiliency Public Private Partnerships (P3s)

Community Development Partners